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“All forms of prejudice are the last lines of defense in an uneducated mind.”

– Mr Grey, my headmaster, at George Dixon International Grammar School

Only by completing our education can we grow, and create the happier, healthier, and wealthier world we need to make progress together.  Martin Graham

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Creation of the Paris international professionals meetup group

Martin is creating a MeetUp group for people exploring international careers and business opportunities; an opportunity to network, learn, share our common intelligence and experience.

meeting of the Paris international professionals meetup group

How we can learn from each other to build a business community and practices in a 'post national' global community generated by advances in global communication, transport and business structures.

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CapGemini - Groupe Danone - Kraft - Michelin - Bausch et Lomb - Valeant - Ansys - Altavia - VFB Lingerie +++

How is martin graham cloud coaching different

Significantly faster, more fun, focused on your goals, and measurable in business terms, entirely personalized from a suite of tools and processes, applied by the leader, directly on live projects and deals; producing immediate, short term and enduring long term results, designed by international leaders for global people, leaders and teams.

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