Accelerate your evolution and internationalize your development.

Accélérez votre évolution et internationalisez votre développement.

Accélérez votre évolution et développez votre entreprise. Coaching, soutien et réalisation de projet en français et anglais.
En individuel(le), en équipe, et/ou pour un groupe de cadres dirigeant(e)s. Pour une prise de fonction, des projets, et des marchés internationaux.  Vos objectifs professionnels sont la cible à atteindre.

Hautement expérimenté, très bien référencé, bilingue. Projet adapté à vos besoins, et votre environement.
English Language, international relations, executive presentations, career evolution, business development, agility across cultures.

‘I can confirm that he was a key actor for our integration process in a global organization.’  
E.M., Global CFO Capgemini Group


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En anglais ou en français / in English or in French

International Coach and Trainer.

Accelerate your international development : global English, communications, presentations, professional profile and business relationships.

Formateur et Coach International.

Accélérez votre développement international : anglais, communication, présentation, profil professionnel et relations commerciales.

‘His strong knowledge and passion for the French and English culture give him indisputably the credibility to operate in this multi-cultural context.’ JMC, Global Head Research and Development, MONDELEZ

A SIX STAR global professional profile.

Your goal is to be seen and heard in an international role and a global marketplace, as a individual professional, as a team, for a deal, for your company.  It is your profile that makes all the difference.  You are successful in a national environment and your ambition is to evolve to an international profile.

Like the Toucan, be visible, audible, and rewardable in a global jungle.

Visibillity, impact, reward.

My role is to bring added value to your project, by developing the key six factors identified by my clients, who have made this transformation and transition successfully. This ensures that you are visible, you demonstrate your added value and have an impact at a global level.

It is entirely normal that we are ‘local and tribal’ by nature.  Only by completing our education can we grow, and create the happier, healthier, and wealthier world we need, and make progress together.  Changes in technology have given us the opportunity and tools to work better together –  this is globalization. But building teams, and doing deals, demands something more of our business leaders.
Now, ‘we’ need to change: What we believe, think, feel and do; and most importantly, do it successfully.  ‘Our tribe’ might be based on gender, ethnicity, nationality, industry, profession or capability. If we want to work across frontiers and well with others, it’s something we have to learn.  As a top sports coach works with a great athlete, my role is to coach and support highly talented business people to make this transformation and transition for themselves, accelerate their evolution and internationalize their development.  Martin Graham

Highly accessible business coaching for individuals, teams, and companies, on and off line, on and off site, face to face or remotely; one to one, in small teams, whole business executive committees, and key players; developing an international business profile, leveraging the power of diversity, and taking your business project from local to global.  An accelerated, proven, supported process, and tools remade for you, chosen from a suite of global best practices; with a significant return on investment, measured by your business objectives, and a durable impact on the individual, the team, and the company; all delivered by a bilingual, multicultural, uniquely experienced, expert in rapid, fun, effective, sustainable,  business learning.

I began my journey very young when I was admitted to George Dixon International Grammar School, where Mr Gray made this our school motto.

“All forms of prejudice are the last lines of defense in an uneducated mind.”
Mr Grey, my school headmaster.

How is martin graham cloud coaching different

Significantly faster, more fun, focused on your goals, measurable in business terms, personalized from a suite of tools and processes, applied directly on live projects, producing immediate, medium, enduring long term results, tested by international leaders.


CapGemini - Groupe Danone - Kraft - Michelin - Bausch et Lomb - Valeant - Ansys - Altavia - VFB Lingerie +++

Creation of the Paris international professionals meetup group

Martin is creating a MeetUp group for people exploring international careers and business opportunities; an opportunity to network, learn, share our common intelligence and experience.

meeting of the Paris international professionals meetup group

How we can learn from each other to build a business community and practices in a 'post national' global community generated by advances in global communication, transport and business structures.

Your Project


“I worked with martin for a few years and I can confirm that he was a key actor for our integration process in a global organization. In fact,  he brought his plurial experience of international relations with accurate understanding of both anglo-saxon/french behaviour. He helped French managers to break their psychological barrier to take leadership in international context. Moreover, he doesn’t hesitate to challenge you in order to check your conviction and helps you to stand back. In conclusion, have a coaching experience with Martin, you won’t regret it!” Eric, CAPGEMINI GROUP Business Controller Head.



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