Who I am ?

my Mission

To bring all my talent, to support your talent; using an entire suite of tools, real experience, and creative excellence, to obtain exceptional, surprising and enduring results – and produce, with you, your international business profile

I work with business people with the same attitude that sports coaches work with first rate athletes; to prepare, practice, refine, and execute, to obtain ‘grand slam’ results.

my Extraordinary Experiences

I attended George Dixon International Grammar School.
I studied at Bradford University International Management School, situated  in one of Britain’s most multicultural cities.
I graduated in 1984, and began working in retail banking.

I came to France in 1991, with just my backpack, and was invited to work as pastoral assistant to international students and young professionals, from all over the world, for the British Embassy Church in Paris.

I was trained by the UK Civil Service in how adults learn, and became a regional training manager.

I returned to Paris in 1996, and began my own professional adult learning company, Martin Graham Cloud Coaching. I became executive coach to the Sales Director, the strategic deals sales team, all members of the board of directors, and the CEO at CapGemini Outsourcing Services.

I am most proud, to have had the chance, to successfully work with some extraordinary women in positions of power and responsibility in business.

my Core Values

What I believe, these are my values, not what I know or understand, but what I believe, which governs how I behave.