What my clients did...


Proximity with the team, originality of his approach, highly valuable to me.’ 

Executive Committee at Capgemini - Case example 1 - permanent Coach to the executive team

Transition to an international role and team

Transition and transformation from local to global and developing an intercultural professional profile. Working alongside the CEO and each member of the Executive Committee, Capgemini Outsourcing Services France, to ensure the smooth transition of the men and women in the  top team from their role on the national board to their role in the global team. Result – “Crowned with success” Capgemini France, CEO.

Discovering in yourself the ability to accept a challenge, find the resources, manage the fear, and learn to live in a new world.

strategic partnerships at Vanity Fair Brands - CAse example 2 - coach for the strategic project

ensuring success of an international partnership

Preparation for a strategic partner visit with the whole French team meeting with the very high profile female CEO of a major US clothing manufacturer.  Working with the French CEO and all the key players.  Preparation of each team member, internationalization of their approach, and all the support material and presentations, in a very short time frame.  Result – the French business won all the opportunities they targeted and were invited to the US to discuss business development opportunities there. 

Working with ambiguity, knowing who you are and that is who you present to others, finding you way in uncharted waters.

GLobal talent executive develoment and evolution at bausch et lomb and valeant - Case example 3 - coach to the international talent

coaching and support for first rate business talent

Working alongside executives identified as first rate talent as they prepare for, take up and integrate their strategically important business roles. Face to face, remotely, by telephone, conference call, email, anywhere in the world. Ensuring they take time for themselves, to breath, step back, create, reflect, prepare and advance; using only proven and tested tools and processes to bring out their significant and exceptional talent for leadership in a global business and to underpin their continued success.

We are not all star performers or global leaders and talent needs to be understood, disciplined, trained and directed, by the athlete…

Advanced learning at Danone - case example 4 - coach to the advanced learning project

Multinational in house learning danone university

Working together with Danone ISIT and Danone Learning to create a program for their advanced university.  30 young executives from 28 countries coming together for one week for a very special learning event.  Rewriting the whole program, adding up to date elements for globalization, working with each of the in house trainers to improve the presentation and their presentation skills, supporting the event owner in the preparation and execution of the first roll out and leaving Danone Learning with a reusable program, which their RH Director described as ‘the first program to achieve global best practice feedback during the first run’ in their history.

Something excellent and new, more fun, focused on global and international business behavior; theory, practice and execution, learning, all together.

“Martin creates a good working rhythm; he is available, innovative, pragmatic, open-minded, quick and fun. Spending time with him is a priority for me. I’ve told him that he must insist on how much he accelerates learning. He helped me clarify my thoughts to make the change;” Luc, CEO DCAP

“Martin is one of those people that you like from the moment you meet. It’s not too often you have the opportunity to work with someone that is as focused on the success of others as much or more than their own personal success. He always goes out of his way to help others grow personally and professionally. I would welcome the idea of working with Martin anytime in the future and wish him great success.” Jean-Michel, Country Manager, FRANCE

“Not easy to resume in few words the support Martin brings me on a regular basis as it is so much. Since 1 year we are working together, my confidence is deeper and focused on the right things that make my professional and even personal life better and more balanced. He has a gift in understanding so quick the depth of a personality and raise the best of it with subtil orientation. What I appreciate especially are the very practical examples he uses to help me visualize and project myself. I definitively recommend Martin Grahams for coaching and to create a trusted partnership for personal development.” Virginie, Senior Consultant in Distribution Department, EyeD, PHARMA

“Martin is becoming my vital coach since 2010. Thanks to him I have discovered the truly meaning of the word, Coaching. I have never seen such capabilities to earn trust from each other. I recommend Martin for every person who wants to have coach to achieve fast and successful results.” Vincent, General Manager, ALCON FRANCE

“Different opportunities I have to work with Martin allowed me to improve my management and better manage my teams. In working on myself, I could better understand the expectations of others, and take them into account. Martin gave me some keys to grow and grow my teams.” Guillaume, Deputy General Manager, ALTAVIA

“Un coach anglophone vous plonge dans un contexte international dès le premier entretien. – Martin applique les base de l’apprentissage de notre langue maternelle à l’apprentissage d’une seconde langue : écouter, nommer, converser. – Après seulement quelques entretiens vous vous surprendrez à être plus audacieux qu’avant.” Vincent, Artiste Plasticien, Illustrateur INDEPENDENT