What I do


‘Au sein d’une même séance, il aborde avec autant d’aisance un éclairage d’un point de vue théorique, qu’une mise en pratique très concrète.’ AP, Global Quality Operations Director, BAUSCH HEALTH INC

It's time to start your adventures

It is normal that we are ‘tribal and local’. It takes learning to become sufficiently agile to work across professional and geographical cultures and globally. 

international careers

Accelerate your evolution and internationalize your development - a service to the leaders

International deals

Expert support and coaching for your team preparing a strategic international opportunity

diversity inclusion creativity

Bring new perspectives; skills, attitudes, beliefs and behavior that enhance the power of your teams

international professionals
Meetup group paris

Paris International Professionals Meetup Group - a regular 'afterwork' meeting for global professionals to learn from Martin, and each other

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Why Martin Graham

Martin works with business leaders like a sports coach works with athletes and teams, or directors work with performers. 

  • The relationship: open, frank, purposeful, confidential.
  • Attitude: I love what I do, this is my place at work, and I am committed to excellence and to things that actually work in practice. I coach at 'state of the art' level, and it's the only thing I know how to do that focuses my attention, doesn't leave me bored, increases my energy, keeps me in 'flow', makes me feel good.
  • Experience: Global leaders, EMEA, CEO, Executive Committee, Sales, Global projects, Career Steps; small, medium and very large organizations; ISIT, Industry, Pharma, Agroalimentaire, Services et al.
  • Reputation: Rapid, effective, fun, available.
  • Results: immediate, short term, and long term for the person and the business, measurable in your business terms.

What You Get

You get everything. The knowledge, understanding and behavior required to work internationally.

  • Personalized: entirely adapted to your preferences, needs and context, from a suite of proven global best practice tools.
  • Live coaching: no time away from your work, this coaching is delivered directly to you on live projects, with concrete confidentiality, controllable application, direct feedback, you in the decision making role; while giving you a breathing space, time 'to take a step back', time for you, support for you; a chance to express and explore your ideas, your own personal coach.
  • A full suite of tools and tested processes. Tested by French and Global Executives and defined and refined in live business environments. This is not a theoretical coaching process, it has been created in a real live global business environment.
  • When we need something new, we create it, together.

“Le coaching avec Martin a été une formidable expérience qui m’a permis de porter un nouveau regard sur ma façon de fonctionner dans mon travail sein d’un groupe à dimension internationale. Progressivement, de nouvelles façons de travailler me sont apparues et j’en tire aujourd’hui des bénéfices importants. Martin est un coach pragmatique avec une vraie profondeur humaine, qui sait vous révéler dans un climat de confiance et de confidentialité. Il a une connaissance fine des différences interculturelles. Les moments d’échanges sont un réel plaisir. Au sein d’une même séance, il aborde avec autant d’aisance un éclairage d’un point de vue théorique, qu’une mise en pratique très concrète. On sort d’une session de coaching avec le sentiment d’avoir à la fois appris quelque chose et d’avoir avancé dans son travail. Avec Martin, vous serez à coup sûr un meilleur leader et vous gagnerez du temps sur votre développement. Je recommande chaudement de vivre cette expérience.” Alex, Global Quality Operations Director BAUSCH ET LOMB


“Martin and I worked together regularly during the multi-year coaching program of the “big deals” outsourcing sales team. I remember it has been a fantastic experience: • first as an english “teacher” but also more than this, helping me with the way I was communicating, dealing with all kind of accent and pronunciation, cultural behavior which is now something that I use every day in my international job where lots of people are not Anglo-American native. • Secondly more as a coach, helping me to grow “in english” as a woman executive in a context full of male colleagues. Our relationship was based on mutual confidence and trust. In a nutshell, the time spent with Martin has been probably one of the most valuable “learning” time I ever had in my career and on top of all with lots of fun! kind regards”  Sylvie, Strategic Deals Bid Director CAPGEMINI