Martin Graham

‘I can confirm that he was a key actor for our integration process in a global organization.’ EM. Groupe Capgemini Business Controller Head.

An expert experienced consultant, trainer and international executive coach.  I am equally at ease with senior executives leaders as with talented young dynamic professionals.

Coach, formateur et consultant experimenté en affaires internationales, je suis aussi à l’aise avec un(e) leader confirmé(e), qu’une équipe ou de jeunes talents dynamiques.

‘I worked with martin for a few years and I can confirm that he was a key actor for our integration process in a global organization.  In fact,  he brought his plurial experience of international relations with accurate understanding of both anglo-saxon/french behaviour.’  
Eric, CAPGEMINI GROUP Business Controller Head.

Martin Graham's Story

Skilled at supporting business leaders’ learning.  

More than twenty years experience in an international business environment.  
English mother tongue and French speaking bilingual.  Working in Paris, France since 1991, as a teacher, trainer, coach, consultant and business owner.

Able to create an exceptional confident  contact with senior business leaders.  Ask good questions at the right time.  Give open, pertinent, non-judgmental feedback.

Intuitive, instinctive, analytical, pragmatic, focused, adaptive, driven, committed to results and solutions.

Experienced and qualified
UK government regional training manager.
Studied a
dvanced executive coaching and coaching across cultures.
Trained in ‘how adults learn’, ‘training the trainer’ and ‘presentations skills’.
Experienced in teaching both English and in English as a second language, in school and to adults.


Smart, fun, creative, caring, and confidential.

Able to work with a full range of professional roles and industries: all executive committee roles including CEO, CFO, Sales and BU Heads. Able to create an excellent relationship with business people and decision makers, and at ease with senior business leaders.

Experienced in pastoral care.

With references from both men and women in global, EMEA, European, and national business leadership roles.

Graduate (Business Administration) of Bradford University International School of Management and The George Dixon (International) Academy.

Full time coach to the Strategic Global Sales Team, the CEO, and all members of the Executive Committee at Capgemini Outsourcing Services for more than ten years.

My clients' results.

My clients' remarks.

my Extraordinary Experiences

The key events that have worked to make me who I am:  A businessman, with a passion for learning at work, and an exceptionally developed diverse and international culture.

I attended George Dixon International Grammar School.
I studied at Bradford University International Management School, situated  in one of Britain’s most multicultural cities.
I graduated in 1984, and began working in retail banking.

I came to France in 1991, with just my backpack, and was invited to work as pastoral assistant to international students and young professionals, from all over the world, for the British Embassy Church in Paris.

I was trained by the UK Civil Service in how adults learn, and became a regional training manager.

I returned to Paris in 1996, and began my own professional adult learning company, Martin Graham Cloud Coaching. I became executive coach to the Sales Director, the strategic deals sales team, all members of the board of directors, and the CEO at CapGemini Outsourcing Services.

I am most proud, to have had the chance, to have grown up in a family with extraordinary women, and then to have had the opportunity to successfully work with others in positions of power and responsibility in business. 

What I believe, these are my values, not what I know or understand, but what I believe, which governs how I behave.

To bring all my talent, to support your talent; using real experience, creative excellence, and an entire suite of tools,  and produce, with you, your international business profile; working with you, the business professional, just as a dedicated sports coach works with a great athlete, to obtain exceptional, surprising and enduring results.

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“Toujours simple, pertinent et efficace. Martin nous a aidé à mettre en ordre de marche une équipe en construction, à bâtir un message pertinent pour nos interlocuteurs, à détecter et valoriser les atouts de chacun et du groupe, à donner une dimension plus ouverte à notre réflexion, à intégrer les différences culturelles de nos partenaires étrangers.” Jerome, CEO VFB BRANDS FRANCE (one of the most recent from 2018)

“Martin Graham est intervenu auprès du CEO, de son COMEX et d’autres collaborateurs (commerciaux, bid managers, assistantes) afin de faciliter les relations internes dans un groupe devenu mondial depuis peu, par le biais d’abord de cours d’anglais indispensables à tous mais également par du coaching en relations internationales afin d’améliorer la qualité des échanges et le développement des performances professionnelles dans une langue non maternelle et une culture souvent méconnue. Sa mission a été couronnée de succès et sa collaboration très appréciée des acteurs stratégiques de l’entreprise.” Catherine, EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT FOR THE CEO OF CAPGEMINI OUTSOURCING SERVICES FRANCE (one of the earliest from 2004)

Et l'anglais ...

Limitations imposed on us by the use of a second language can be resolved, not by an endless cycle of learning more of that language, but by learning more about communication, culture and power.  It is entirely normal that we feel weaker, limited, angry and frustrated. And it’s entirely normal that changing that is a priority for many people.

Always feel free, to begin your conversation with me…en français.  Martin.

I speak both French and English, however, I most often work with clients in English. Not to ‘teach’ them the language, but to put them at ‘ease, confident, and clear; equally if not more strong’, in their international role as they have been in their national one. 

Although we rarely look at language, even though we are always working using English, all my clients say, ‘It’s amazing Martin, I don’t really think about it now when I’m speaking in English. I don’t hesitate or change what I want to say.’ 

I learned French, without taking a single class, my teachers were the people I met everyday and ‘David Pujadas, Arte, and the free newspapers on the train’.

“I have worked with Martin in the context of my coaching to be a strong team leader in an English-speaking environment.

Martin is talented in creating relationships based on mutual trust and confidence. He is an excellent listener, listening carefully and immediately bringing broader perspectives.

His strong knowledge and passion for the French and English culture give him indisputably the credibility to operate in this multi-cultural context.

He is always available when needed. His feedback has been always very relevant, positive and challenging. He was always of extremely relevant help to make me understand my personal driving force and deal better with complex environment. I have always enjoyed meeting Martin as a person and as a coach.

Our meetings have been each time a great moment of sharing, active listening and convivial relationships. He has helped me providing wider perspectives embracing corporate and personal strategies and goals.

His support and advice have been one of the key factors in the success of the different presentations I did in English in front of very large audience. He has demonstrated strong skills in helping me strengthening my self-confidence and feeling more comfortable in my position.

He has succeeded in making me aware of my skills and strengths of strong team leader. He has achieved his goal of giving me the faith and trust about my ability to communicate easily in English.

I warmly recommend Martin to anybody willing to build a strong leadership based on human values, team spirit and consistently to the culture and the strategy of the Company, or to set up with leaders a global winning strategy in a context of changes. In the future, I am sure I will have the opportunities to work again with Martin either personally or with my team.'” Jean-Michel, Global Director of Research and Development KRAFT (MONDELEZ)



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