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With you - professional, decider, leader, man or woman, S.M.E or International Group.

‘Martin nous a aidé à bâtir un message pertinent pour nos interlocuteurs, à intégrer les différences culturelles de nos partenaires étrangers.’ JB, CEO VFB BRANDS FRANCE

I work with talented business people as a sports coach works with an athlete, to augment, refine, focus, their strengths and manage their challenges.

Je travaille avec les professionels comme un coach sportif travaille avec un athlète. Pour augmenter, redéfinir, focaliser leurs forces et gérer leurs risques.

‘Toujours simple, pertinent et efficace. Martin nous a aidé à mettre en ordre de marche une équipe en construction, à bâtir un message pertinent pour nos interlocuteurs, à détecter et valoriser les atouts de chacun et du groupe, à donner une dimension plus ouverte à notre réflexion, à intégrer les différences culturelles de nos partenaires étrangers.’ Jerome, CEO VFB Brands

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Working with a coach does not imply you have a problem.  The contrary, it implies you have talent, ambition, that you are open to learning rapidly, and ready to take the next steps for international development and global evolution.  Companies are very happy to invest in strategic players who bring significant return on investment.  Whether this be for an individual, team, or a project or deal.   I work with business people in the exact same way that a sports coach works with an athlete.  When the challenge is high, the competencies demanding and the return of great added value, then you make use of an excellent coach !

martin graham cloud coaching

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Business leaders, strategic leaders, team leaders, global service line leaders, people identified as talent and investing in their future at work, people wanting to take their local profile to an international level, teams wanting to create international partnerships and international deals.

In large global companies, in small and medium sized companies based locally in France and wanting to explore in international markets. 

It's because you have talent that you can have a coach.

There are a number of different ways of learning and which one you use depends on where we are on the learning curve. We can choose intervention, assistance, teaching, training, practice, OR coaching, Coaching is at the top of the pedagogical curve. For me coaching is for people who are already playing a good game and want to take that extra support that makes them an ‘ace’ at their game.

With most of my clients English is their professional or target language and they speak French as their native language.
(I am a native English speaker and I speak French.)

Martin Graham Cloud Coaching - International Professionals

Central Paris After Work

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What are the ‘knowledge, understanding, attitudes, and behaviors’ associated with international professionals?  Martin has worked with D, C, EMEA and Global level executives; with executives based in Paris and France, and working across the world, for Cappgemini, Kraft, Danone, Michelin, Valeant, and many others, working together to develop exactly those characteristics, attitudes and behaviors that have brought his clients international success.

Paris International Professionals Meetup Group sponsored by Martin Graham Cloud Coaching

Exceptional Executive Coaching is not always easily accessible for everyone.  This Meetup group will give smaller businesses and Paris international professionals an opportunity to access this level of coaching and learn both with Martin and together. 

Some of the clients who have used Martin Graham to support development of international business executives. I’ll take with you the initial steps they took with me.



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